Australia's Finest


With these two Australian Black Opal gems. The wearer has a rainbow on their finger whenever they wish. A gem opal from Lightening Ridge is like no other gem. Each gemstone uniquely presents the best of every gem, all in one stone. 

When searching for gems the flash of a great opal can catch my eye and stop me in my tracks. The only question is what is the best design to show its magnificence. 

These two rings balance excellence in design, fabrication, and true gems.

Opal Palette 


This Amazing 30ct Black Opal mirrors the palatte's of Monet, Cezanne and Van Gough showing that, in fine opal, mother nature's palette is far superior. The red, green, and blue flashes are intense wisps that look like painted clouds of a summer sky. 

The partial gold and diamond frame delicately wraps this gem in a pendant of simple beauty.