It all begins with the gemstone...

First to find it.

Second to study and see if the inner beauty is fully released. 


These gemstones are from 10-30 carats. Each gem leads and inspires its design. 

  • 10 ct. oval green tourmaline from Nigeria 
  • 30 ct. Radiant Yellow Sapphire from Sri Lanka
  • 32 ct. Aquamarine from Mozambique
  • 13 ct. Oval Ruby from Mozambique
  • 10 ct. Antique Pear Shape Violet Spinel from Madagascar 

Burmese Spinels

A range of colors showing the journey from rough to faceted. Each stone has its own presence, its own personality. Burmese Spinels from 2-5 carats each with rough crystals. 

                                     Cartier Revisited

                                     Cartier Revisited


Red Spinels are framed by classic design reminiscent of the glory days of the house of Cartier, but updated with a modern accent.

Fabricated by hand with the old world engraving and milgrain accents. The center octagon cut of this amazing Tanzanian spinel is a cut from from the high mark of Parisan lapidary artists(1920-1950). Setting this gem east-west across the finger adds a modern touch. 

A creation with the elegance of the past and the beauty of today.

The earrings are a delicate compliment, beautiful and easily worn night or day. 

                            Finally The Rainbow...

                            Finally The Rainbow...


Presented in sapphire rings Padparascha, blue, yellow, pink natural in every way. All man has done with natures crystalline wonders, is find them, facet them, and fabricate them.